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Exceed provides Animal Care Courses for pet owners who would like to learn more about their companions.

Our courses range from basic knowledge of pet care to more advance topics such as obedience training, health care, behavior problems, setting up a pet business, professional grooming, first aid and more.

Upcoming Courses

  1. Pet First Aid Workshop
    Date 27th February 2018  read more 
  2. Introduction to Dog Grooming
    Date 13th March 2018  read more 


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Popular Courses

Pet First Aid Course

Our furry friends can sometime be very curious, which at times might cause unfortunate accidents. So just as it is important to provide food and attention it is also important to be prepared to help your pet in an emergency situation. Learn more

Introduction to Dog Grooming

If you are uncertain about certain career aspects in dog grooming this will be an introduction in the dog grooming world. It involves a mixture of theory and hands on experience in bathing, drying and clipping. Learn more

Health & Care Course

Learn how to care about your pets, this course is ideal for pet owners or anyone working with pets, it will help you develop an understanding of how to care for different types of pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. Learn more