Pet First Aid Course

Our furry friends can sometime be very curious, which at times might cause unfortunate accidents. So just as it is important to provide food and attention it is also important to be prepared to help your pet in an emergency situation.

The material of this course has been written by experienced pet owners together with vets, to provide helpful tips on how to prevent injuries and  what to do when these situations occur. This course covers the main first aid subjects for Cats and Dogs however the course will also cover small animals and exotic pets.


  • Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
  • The vet and your role in first aid
  • Car Accidents
  • Pet proofing your home
  • How pets show pain
  • Checking your pet’s health

Pet Accidents and First Aid

  • Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
  • Dog CPR, Drowning, Shock, Broken Bones
  • Spinal injury and moving an injured pet

Tending to your pet

  • Controlling Bleeding, Dressings and Bandages
  • Paw Problems
  • Ears, Eyes, and Mouth
  • Bandaging the Ear, Bandaging the Tail
  • Illnesses, Poisoning, Bites, and Stings
  • Burns and temperature related problems

Different types and sizes of animals

  • The older dog
  • Cats
  • Small dog care, Puppies and young animals

Summary of Pet First Aid

  • Traveling with your dog abroad
  • Pet First Aid Kits
  • Summary
Additional Information:
  • Courses are delivered by a Pet First Aid Instructor
  • Lectures include hands on practice
  • Notes will provided for every student
  • Price includes Pet First Aid Exam and Certification by an Accredited Centre
  • Lessons are held once a week for 3 weeks


  • Course Duration: 8hrs
  • Course Fee: €70
  • Location: Fgura