Pet Care for Kids

If your kid loves animals this course is aimed for them, when bringing a new pet to your home it is always a fun and exciting time however this brings new responsibilities too. This course will teach your kids to be responsible towards animals since they depend on us for food, shelter, medical care, and companionship. This fun and informative course will help your kids to cover all the basics of animal care from feeding, shelter, bathing, and medical care and much more.

Course Topics

  • Small Mammals
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Fish

We will Discuss:

  • Choosing a Pet
  • Housing and Equipment
  • Feeding
  • General Care
  • Health Care
  • Behavior

Additional Information:

  • Every lesson will have a pet present according to the topic
  • Notes will be provided for every student
  • Lessons are held once a week for 4 weeks

Course Duration: 8hrs (2hrs each session)

Course Fee: €55

 Location: Fgura